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Timah Double Peatred Blended Whisky
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Brand Timah
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Discover The Best Award-Wining Whiskey in Malaysia

The Premium Whiskey from the Tropics

Not all noble whiskeys hail from cold northern climes on islands off the European landmass. You may be surprised to learn there’s a fine whiskey that’s produced right here in the balmy equatorial. Utilizing the same age-old processes and ingredients, but with just a hint of the exotic…a fine taste of the tropics. 

Come, lift a glass, raise a toast, and savor the fine double-peated blended whiskey and international taste sensation proudly made in Malaysia…Timah.


Country: Malaysia
Alcohol: 40%

Volume: 750ML


  • Color
    Copper Bronze.

  • Nose
    Forward aromas of peat smoke with fresh fruits of peaches, apples, lemons, and a hint of floral notes.

  • Palate
    An abundance of sweet fruity flavors of peaches, apricot, and citrus lemon followed by notes of peat smoke.

  • Finish
    Medium lingering smooth finish with notes of sweet peat smoke.