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Table Mountain Morlot
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Brand Table Mountain
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Table Mountain, an enduring and renowned global landmark, holds a special place as an awe-inspiring sight at the southern tip of Africa. For generations, it has served as a guiding light, directing people towards the Cape and its renowned Winelands. Over 350 years ago, the first vineyards were planted in this region, benefiting from the warm sun and cool ocean winds that contribute to the rich flavors of the grapes.

The mountain's presence, surrounded by the sea, significantly influences the vineyards and plays a vital role in shaping the distinctive wines of the Cape. Just like the mountain that serves as their inspiration, these wines embody the authentic generosity of South Africa.


Country: South Africa

Gradazione alcolica :13.5%

Size: 750ml


The grapes were harvested by hand at 22° - 24° Balling in February and March. Each vineyard block was individually vinified. The juice was fermented at 24° - 26°C to retain fruit flavours. Fermentation was completed on the skins to ensure extraction of sufficient fruit, colour and structure, but not excessive, harsh tannins. Maturation took place on American oak after malolactic fermentation was completed.

Food Pairing: Excellent with oxtail, casseroles, red meat, game, pizza and pasta dishes.