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Suigei Junmai Daiginjo Sho
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Brand Suigei
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The only Sakagura/Sake Brewery in Kochi City (named after the alias of Yamauchi Yōdō, who was a Japanese Daimyo of the Shikoku region in the Edo period). They hope to make sake that is the best to pair with food - sake that is dry, yet with high acidity and umami - using the isolated Tosa Mountain range's pure spring water. This water contains no iron or manganese, which are detrimental elements in sake. The brewery is also quite particular about its ingredients - the rice is polished very carefully, and they use true Kumamoto Yeast. 


Country: Japan
Region: Shikoku
Alcohol: 16%

Volume: 720ML


This exemplary Junmai Daiginjo draws a crisp and dry flavor from Hiroshima prefecture's well-known sake rice varietal Hattan Nishiki, which is famed for producing a clean taste. The brewery polishes this special rice down to 40% and brews it carefully with Kumamoto yeast at low temperatures to craft subtle and elegant aromatics, a short finish, and an abundantly broad flavor profile. Layered beautifully, Sho matches well with a meal and is representative of Suigei's wish for a simple, perfect, clean food-friendly Junmai Daiginjo.