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Daishichi Kimoto Umeshu (720ML)
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Steeping umami-laden junmai kimoto sake with Nanko ume plums from Wakayama prefecture, this multi-award-winning superior umeshu is the ultimate dessert drink.. Luscious plummy fruit, sweet cream and marzipan on the nose. Mouthwateringly rich plum on palate with the perfect balance of mellowness, body and acidity.


Tasting Note:

Very delicate plum liqueur on the basis of Kimoto junmai sake, with a long finish; the refreshing alcohol wonderfully orchestrates the soft sweetness and the elegant acidity. An unrivaled plum liqueur of the highest quality, with a rich, mellow flavor and velvety smoothness.

Product Details:

Size: 720ML

Polishing: 0%

Alcohol content: 12%