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Brand Martini
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MARTINI is a long-standing classic where expert winemaking meets carefully picked wild botanicals. 

Originating in the southeast region of Piedmont, Italy,  MARTINI Asti exquisitely captures the spirit of Asti’s sun-kissed hills that create the ideal environment for growing Moscato Bianco grapes. Hence, it was granted the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (D.O.C.G.) designation for its fine quality. 

Sparkling Wine Master Blender Livio Prand was the one who gave life to MARTINI Asti’s masterful blend. Continuing the company’s legacy of craftsmanship, each bottle of sparkling wine celebrates Asti’s noble grapes—Bianco Moscato.


Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Grape Variety: MUSCAT

Gradazione alcolica: 7.5%

Size: 750ml



Sweet aromas; lots of stone fruits and lime


Medium-plus sweetness. Very thick mouthfeel with acidic prickle to balance and a very creamy bubble. Pronounced stone fruits, apricots, and honey to start, then add pears and apples to the mid-palate.  With a little time in the glass you also get lime and orange flavours


A floral finish, together with stone fruits and honey