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MEIJIAN green plum wine
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The taste of Meijian Green Plum Wine is sour, sweet and soft,

providing users with a relaxed and pleasant tipsy experience during drinking.

It advocates that people should also face to face with people in the modern network society.

With the product concept of "nature, health and relaxation" and the brand mission of rejuvenating traditional Chinese wine, Meijian Qingmei Wine is committed to building a Chinese high-quality plum wine brand.


Alcohol:             12%

Brand:              MEI JIAN

Categrories:        Green Plum Wine

Country:            China

Volume:            330ML / 750ML




Greengage aroma and the fragrance of flowers and quietly elegant, pure and clear. In the middle is sweet, accompanied by mei acid and relaxed. Ice after both sweet and sour mouth is more apparent.


Entrance to the simple and clear, very smooth, parcel sense is strong, have administrative levels feeling extremely.Sorghum base slightly worse and not spicy,Pure grain liquor behind sweet to my taste and bouquet, a slight acidity with a plum


Light, sweet and sour plum, long lubrication