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Dewar's Double Double Bundle 21yo 27yo 32yo (Bundle of 3btls) 500ml
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Dewar’s Double Double Aged 21 Years Old Finished in Oloroso sherry casks. Classically sherried, with an intense orange oil and nutty character and secondary notes of cracked black pepper and a touch of meaty bacon and cut hay (the grain whisky peeking its head out). The palate follows much in suit, sweet and bursting with flavor, though it initially comes across as a bit boozy, with a bit more granary character than I was expecting. Those sherry notes are quite enduring, though, and hard to ignore, particularly on the sharp finish. 


Dewar’s Double Double Aged 27 Years Old Finished in Palo Cortado sherry casks (which is virtually unheard of). A wildly different whisky. The nose is heavy with notes of nougat and almonds, then a distinct dry sherry note — slightly salty, slightly sour, slightly mushroomy. The palate has less overt sherry character than I was expecting, though leather and mushroom are dominant, along with some nutty chocolate bar notes. There’s more citrus apparent on the lengthy finish than in the 21 year old. Oddly, the entire thing comes together as somewhat more youthful than the younger expression, too. 


Dewar’s Double Double Aged 32 Years Old –Finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. PX sherry finishing always results in huge flavors, and this whisky is no exception. Rich on the nose, notes of coffee, dark red wine, and roasted nuts immediately dominate an aromatic profile that is almost hoary with weight. The palate is equally rich, with bold coffee and cola notes, along with some chocolate. I get a hint of rose petals as the whisky opens up in the glass, which is an odd little shift. The finish is enduring but sharp and a bit tight, showing fortified wine notes and plenty more of that classic PX character. One to really pore over as it slowly reveals its charms. 




Product of Scotland