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Cognac Leyrat Fine VS
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Brand Cognac Leyrat
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The first bouquet is marked with white-fleshed fruit
such as pear and peach. Then come the floral aromas
with a delicate hint of wood.
The initial tasting is supple and delicate, it evolves very
Y harmoniously and remains gracefully light. This VS is
silky and already very mature.


Producer from the grape to the bottle
Terroir : Chez Maillard estote, cru Fins Bois, chalky hilltop ot 154m of altitude.
50% groies, hard limestone from the Jurassic and 50% groies de chompagne, soft limestone from the Cretaceous.
Grape variety : 100% Ugni-blanc, overage oge of the vines : 43 yeors.
Vinification : On site, alcoholic and mololactic fermentation in
thermoregulated stainless steel tanks. Selected yeasts of local origin.
Distillation : Double distillation on lees, in o 25HL Charentais copper still,
onion-shoped lids.
Ageing : Ageing in new barrels for 4 to 6 months, then in red ond old barrels for
several yeors. Borrels of 400L, in French ok type Limousin, quality loose grains.
Blend: Exclusive selection of eaux-de-vie in Fins Bois cru, blend of 2 years of age minimum.