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Carundo Wine Shiraz
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Brand Carundo Wine
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Carundo Brothers In Arms Vineyards winemaking technology has been passed from generation to generation, and it has more than 100 years of history today. The five-generation owner and winemaker Guy Adams, who respects the local terroir, crafts high-quality wines around balance, structure, and complexity!

All wines used to make Carundo Brothers In Arms Vineyards are 100% sourced from their own estates. There are a total of 750 acres (about 4,500 acres) of grape plantations, 30% of the grape raw materials are used to sell to major wineries in Australia, and 70% are used to make wines of winery brands; now there are three major series of brand wines that sell well all over the world


Country: Australia

Region:South Eastern Australia

Grape Variety:Shiraz

Gradazione alcolica :14.8%

Size: 750ml


Rich taste and full bodied wine

Unique aromas of blackberry, mulberry, and black pepper

Rich in game and spicy flavors, with a smooth and rich texture