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Bols Amaretto
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Brand Bols
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BOLS Amaretto is a gold-brown liqueur. Amaretto, which originated in Italy. It famous for its sweet almond aroma and nutty caramel flavour. A distillation of carefully selected ingredients creates this exquisite liqueur.

Amaretto liqueur is said to have been invented by the woman who modeled for Renaissance-era Italian painter, Bernardino Luini, in 1525. Luini, a follower of Leonardo da Vinci’s art style, chose the mother of a local child to be his model for the Madonna. In return she gave him ringraziarlo – a gift, a drink distilled from almonds.
It is essential for classic drinks such as the Amaretto Sour, and also for more modern drinks like the Alabama Slammer and Screaming Orgasm.


Alcohol:             24%

Brand:                  BOLS

Categrories:        Liqueur

Country:             NETHERLANDS

Volume:             700ML



Warm golden brown


 Sweet Almond


Nutty caramel flavour


Long, buscuity marzipan finish