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Rong Chun 戎春品鉴 52%
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The "Rongchun" brand wine tasting soft and elegant series is made with the ancient method, and Mr. Lai Gaozhun, the representative successor of the national Intangible cultural heritage [Luzhou Laojiao] brewing technology and the international master of Baijiu brewing, is employed to personally guide the whole process. The produced wine cellar has a strong aroma, a refreshing and sweet taste, a long aftertaste, and a non pungent aroma that cannot be enjoyed for a long time, adhering to the national style of famous wines. As the designated liquor of Beijing Zigong Chamber of Commerce, it has been praised by the majority of Baijiu lovers since its launch! Inherited for thousands of years, fragrance wafts from thousands of miles.


Alcohol:             52%

Brand:                 Rongchun

Categrories:       Baijiu

Country:            China

Volume:             500ML