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Moutai Prince (Treasure) 53% 茅台珍品王子
Price RM429.00 RM480.00
Brand Moutai
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Treasure Prince is the most popular wine in the Moutai Prince series. It is second only to the Chinese zodiac prince in the Prince family. It is at the same level as the Prince Inheritance 1999. It has the characteristics of easy to drink, no hangover after drinking, no dry mouth, and fast sobering up. It can be called an excellent Maotai Baijiu.
At the 2004 National Autumn Sugar and Liquor Fair, the "Maotai Prince Liquor Treasure" was introduced. Since then, Prince Liquor has been divided into Prince Liquor and Treasure Prince Liquor. The quality of "Puwang" liquor has decreased from the original level, while Treasure Prince has improved from the original level. Its biggest flavor feature is the outstanding Maotai flavor, which inherits the excellent quality of Maotai wine. It is soft and mellow in the mouth, not hot and not strong, and has no miscellaneous flavor, so it is good for drinking; The aftertaste is slightly bitter, but the fragrance is long-lasting. Zhenpin Prince Wine basically possesses the flavor of the Mao style, which is enough for beginners to experience the scorching and mellow aroma of sauce flavored wine.


Alcohol:             43%

Brand:                 MOUTAI

Categrories:       BAIJIU

Country:            CHINA

Volume:             500ML