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Moutai Gold Prince 茅台金王子 53%
Price RM385.00 RM430.00
Brand Moutai
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王子酒入口酒体饱满,酱味明显,并无明显刺激,中段开始略有焦苦。落喉比较柔顺,嗝香明显,正常饮用上头感都不明显,酒过杯中后,能留下馥郁酒香。 总的来说,王子酒是非常协调,具有茅台酒的典型风格,是同等价位中性价比高、品质过硬的产品。之所以成为了大众认可的一款产品。

The packaging is luxurious and distinct from Puying, with high-quality glutinous rice as the raw material and traditional craftsmanship (not unique to Puying). The bottle is a colored glass bottle. I hope the taste and quality of the wine can match those of Feitian Welcome Wine. Pour the wine and observe the color. The wine has a light * yellow color, which is not obvious. The interval between hanging glasses and wine columns is small, and the wine comes down slowly and disperses quickly. The oil and luster are not obvious.
The front section of the sauce source golden bottle is slightly spicy and stimulating, with the sauce aroma concentrated in the middle section. The aftertaste is sweet, and the sweetness is soft and long-lasting. The sweetness of this wine can be considered a characteristic in the prince! Overall, the front section of the sauce source golden bottle is like a passionate man, fierce and direct; The latter part is sweet and long like a girl, with a soft and prolonged texture. Inheriting the overall outstanding sauce aroma of 1999, the front, middle, and back sauce flavors are soft and long-lasting, and the sauce flavor in the mouth continues to change. Finally, the final taste ends with a soft burnt bitter aroma, making people comfortable. If you like sauce flavored food, you would prefer to inherit 1999! The style and background of the sauce source are the same, not popular.
Prince's wine is full-bodied at the entrance, with a clear sauce flavor and no obvious stimulation. The middle section starts with a slight burning bitterness. The throat is relatively smooth, with a noticeable hiccup aroma. It does not have a noticeable sensation when consumed normally. After the wine is consumed in a glass, it can leave a rich aroma. In general, Prince Wine is very harmonious, with the typical style of Maotai, and is a product with high cost performance and excellent quality in the same price range. The reason why it has become a widely recognized product.


Alcohol:             53%

Brand:                 Moutai

Categrories:       Baijiu

Country:            China

Volume:             500ML