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MoutaiChun 2008 茅台 2008
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Brand Moutai
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Moutai Chun 2008 was specially launched to commemorate the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Moutai Chun 2008 is a product from the set of Time Series and the most affordable products. Using ‘Chinese red which represents auspiciousness and joy as the main color of the packaging, Chishui River is the precious source of Moutai Chun, and it is also the soul carrier of Moutai Chun.  Therefore, the Chishui River on the bottle body is expressed in red, symbolizing the Four Crossing of the Chishui River by the Red Army's. The future development of the Moutai Chun brand is like ‘Four Crossing of the Chishui River’. The same, "the most glorious and magical chapter in the history of the Long March" will be written.


Country: China
Alcohol: 53%

Volume: 500ML


It uses local top red shell waxy sorghum, local wheat, and other raw materials for craft brewing. The old-fashioned craftsmanship create a soft and mellow taste. The mature fragrance is outstanding, and lasts for a long time.