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MoutaiChun 1998 茅台醇 1998
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Brand Moutai
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Housed within a decorative bottle that speaks to the elegance of its contents, the Moutai Chun 1998 is a fragrant liquor that warms you from the inside out. Traditionally produced in the Guizhou province with subtle proportion adjustments to the mellow flavour profile for more versatile appeal, this smooth and sweet spirit is the perfect complement to East Asian cuisine.


Country: China
Alcohol: 53%

Volume: 500ML


  • Color
    Light golden

  • Aroma
    smooth with a central soy sauce note, combined with floral notes of jasmine and vanilla

  • Palate
    It boasts a hint of sweet melon, apricot and green apple.

  • Finish
    With a complex layering of flavours that develop with every sip