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KweiChow Feitian MouTai 贵州茅台酒
Price RM1,668.00 RM1,898.00
Brand Moutai
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Feitian Moutai 53% Vol is the leading product of Kweichow Moutai and a classic of Chinese Jiang fragrance liquor. Featuring prominent Jiang fragrance, elegant, delicate, mellow, long aftertaste, and lasting empty-cup fragrance, the 53% Vol Feitian Moutai has won many international awards. This liquor has several topmost features: no hangover or dry mouthfeel after drinking; its quality will be more outstanding if further preserved for several years and its aroma gets stronger and stronger over the years.


Country: China
Alcohol: 53%

Volume: 500ML



Crystal clear


A slight aroma of soy sauce, the kind of sweet food to stay, and then is the taste of alcohol.


The first feeling is sweet, very obvious sweet mouth, and then the partial cooked after food baking aroma. If you can bear, can drink, try to use mouthwash way though is 53 degrees liquor, but actually maotai alcohol is not working, relatively soft.


Very long aftertaste, if to wine tasting standards, is a super super super super long aftertaste