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Jiang Xiao Bai Pure Spirits Silver
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Brand Jiangxiaobai
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Jiangxiaobai 10th Anniversary Special Edition is a mid-range fragrance liquor produced by Chongqing Jiangxiaobai Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. Brewed and produced by Jiangji Winery, it is naturally fermented and distilled. Jiangxiaobai is committed to rejuvenating the old taste of traditional sorghum liquor. Now it has an expert team including 5 national liquor judges, 12 senior sommeliers, 8 senior winemakers, and 7 Chongqing liquor experts. It is brewing sorghum liquor that is more suitable for the taste of young consumers. Stronger in terms of marketing. Jiangxiaobai 10th Anniversary Special Edition Golden Gai is the 10th anniversary special edition of Jiangxiaobai Gold Award Youth Edition. Jiangxiaobai Gold Award Youth Edition has won the gold medal in the Brussels International Spirits Competition. It uses a single sorghum and is rich in various trace elements. Brewed in soft water and fermented in a traditional bluestone slab cellar, the taste is pure, sweet and mellow. The packaging is simple and modern. The judges of the competition commented that it is "pure, refreshing and smooth".


Country: China
Alcohol: 40%

Volume: 500ML


Crystal Clear 



The rich aroma of steamed rice, and rich layers of apples, pears, fresh grass, and honey.


Fruity floral


Smooth refreshing aftertaste.